What is at the End (A Short Story) - Day Twenty-Five and Twenty-Six Online

Teddy bear friends.

We made it to the end of classes and the final task. And so, here is one last story inspired by what the students did in their online creative writing classes. (Based on true events, but completely made up.)

The events:
Reading and review presentations. Each student had 5-6 minutes to read a selection of their final story, with a summary of the rest and then an reduced analytical explanation of editing choices. At the end of all presentations, we played a story game where students wrote a story sentence by sentence, swapping around to complete the plot. 

(In the past students have used drawings, pictures or props to help share their story in more animated ways. That is the inspiration to brighten up our reviews of the classes for this final story.)

The story:

Two teddy bear friends met up one day to have a little fun together. They hadn't seen each other so they were very happy to finally meet.

While they were walking down the street, they came across a strange piece of string that had some ribbons attached to it.

The stepped closer and started to investigate, but Bandabi noticed that Suhorang's tail had got caught up in the string.

Before they knew it, they were both tangled, collapsed on the floor giggling at their mess.

After some careful untangling, they made a plan to hold on to the string together and go forward to find out what could be at the other end of it.

With this joint effort they were able to go forward on the long journey and eventually the end came in sight and they saw what they had been looking for.

It was a fallen kite! After that long adventure, the friends were delighted, and exhausted, so they fell onto the cosy material for a little rest.

Of course, with such good friends, not much rest is needed until excitement from being together builds up again. With this extra boost of energy, the cuddly ones pulled and tugged with the string, playing silly games until they fell back again in contentment.