Publishing (A Short Story) - Day Twenty-Three Online

For a little break, and to encourage students over their great writing, we spent a class doing a fun activity, completely unrelated to any assignments. Instead we focused on how to get work published and what happens in that process. This was in between the two lessons covered in the last story, in order to give all students a little extra time to prepare their assignment contents before they would practice with each other. Here is a new piece of writing inspired by what the students did their publication class. (Based on true events, but completely made up.)

The events:
1. Roll call - Evolving sentence. (Change one word to alter the meaning.)
2. Task - Produce your own literary magazine.
3. Exercise - Establish the terms and name for the team magazine, create a call for submissions, then use short story submissions to find acceptable pieces for your magazine, noting reasons for acceptance or rejection.

The story:

Call for submissions to The Bronze Horse! 
The Bronze Horse is accepting unsolicited fictional short story submissions for their inaugural edition. The editors are keen to find pieces that show a passion for equine pursuits. Anyone involved in this beautiful industry knows the hard work and commitment needed and we want this to come across in your story. It can be the focus of the story or something that is simply mentioned, but has a connection to the theme and flow of the story.

RE: The Tail End submission

Dear Youngmi Kim,

Thank you for your submission of The Tail End to The Bronze Horse. Unfortunately, we will have to pass on this story. While we enjoyed the concept of following the events through the perspective of a mite living in the horse's tail and mane, we felt that this perspective might be too alienating for our readers, who normally find such bugs as a danger to their horses and livelihood. 

We were particularly impressed with the vividness of your writing and would be interested in reading other writing if it can help shine a brighter light on the joy of the equine world.

Kind regards,
Suhyun Cho

The Bronze Horse

RE: Long Nose by Chanmi Yoon

Dear Chanmi Yoon,

Thank you for your submission of Long Nose to The Bronze Horse. Everyone at the journal thoroughly enjoyed the story and we would be pleased to include it in our first edition. The concept of using the sense of smell to highlight the different experiences a horse and a rider would have during important events was captivating and kept each of us engaged until the end. 

We would like to note that the spelling of "scent" would need to be corrected, as it is written as "sent" a few times by accident. If you don't mind correcting this, we would be happy to move forward to publish the story within the next couple of months.

Looking forward to hearing from you and working together,
Suhyun Cho

The Bronze Horse