The Return of Online Teaching

Standing desk set-up.

You may have noticed a rather long break in posts. Apologies. There are a few reasons for this, which I'll try to explain briefly.

Voices: there are so many out there and it didn't seem the time for mine. Instead I needed to read and listen to others.

Time: with the pandemic and grading pressure, I had to prioritise my job and other commitments.

Purpose: processing some things led to a feeling of pointlessness in my voice (here and in current writing). 

The first and last are clearly connected. I've often struggled with this self-insignificance, particularly in posting online. While I hope this site will be a way to connect with others, I am a person who often wonders why someone else would want to know about my processes and thoughts. I don't like to presume myself an interesting person. 

However, the series I was working on was started for a reason and a few people have been encouraging me about it, so we'll continue where we left off. Classes have already started again for another (safety-first) online term. Sharing the rest of the online creative writing teaching posts will help to improve my teaching this term, but I do hope it's somewhat interesting for you to read as well.

For now, I most likely won't be writing much other than that. Time has helped me learn more from the voices that I need to be listening to but I still need a while to process, understand more and develop.