I Can't Draw - Day Thirteen Online

Representing The Zebra Storyteller by Spencer Holst, Plan B by Nicolas Julian and Salubrities Abroad from Punch Magazine

At end of class, the Tuesday before last (before our long holiday), we needed an activity that would somehow have winners. The prize was first priority on the sign up sheet for the coming peer review workshops. By signing up for workshop A, B, C or D, a student also decides their deadline for the draft, edited piece, critical essay and presentation based on the date of the workshop. It's kind of a big deal.

I usually ask students to fill in the blanks of a story sentence. (Something like "I was _______ at the _______ before ________ because I needed _________.")

Since we're on zoom these days, I thought it would be fun for students if we used the whiteboard. I added text to show the dates for different deadlines and then tried drawing pictures that related to the stories we had read recently. 

This was a mistake! One student was quick to guess that I had drawn the French flag, and another could work out that the next was a double-decker bus, but no one could work out that these were a clue to remind them of the french pronunciation that was mentioned in the story about people from London (Salubrites Abroad).

My next drawing was of a cigarette, followed by a broken mug, but still students did not connect it to the narrator's explanations in Plan B. 

Finally, my worst drawing of all, a zebra. By now, I had revealed the connection of the pictures to give clues to the stories, so this might be how the students were able to guess what these squiggles were supposed to become and that it was inspired by The Zebra Storyteller.

Well, we ran out of time and the sign up became a free for all. Next time, I'll stick to what I know. Speaking of, what would your answers be to the gaps in the sentence? Here's my random answer.

I was _singing_ at the _kitchen sink_ before _I started washing dishes_ because I needed _to encourage the water to heat quickly_.