Resting my Eyes - Day Four Online

The first view point, not even half way up.

Last week, when I had some issues with my eyes, my mother ordered me to look outside and let my eyes rest with nature. When I tried that my eyes nearly screamed with shock and it took an awfully long time to focus properly on the details. Part of me thought that maybe it was that there wasn't enough nature outside my window - too many buses and buildings. A week later, I've not been outside the house or felt much urge to watch those buses.

This morning's class whizzed by and suddenly it was the end of the teaching week. My students discussed ideas about genre and practised first sentences that attempted to reveal the genre and engage the readers. It's a simple class, but it's a lot of fun because the students reveal their ingenuity. Well, mostly. There are always a few cliches, but we don't worry about that in this early stage. 

After class, and a good few online administrative tasks, I finally got out of the house. Been planning it all week but those admin tasks really got in the way. 

As I went outside, I was anxious to get out and go far, but I did also feel an odd trepidation that I think most of us will be feeling these days. It wasn't exactly fear of the virus, but more of opening up my world again to more than just my home. This feeling was minuscule, but it would be an interesting thing to note for a future story.

A friend was walking along and it's been a good while since we've seen each other. Both of us were smiling and waving, but we kept our distance. It was easier to do this because the other party was on the phone, but it revealed a little more of what social distancing should be. It really wasn't worth us getting close, even if we had time because that friend has a little one at home that I'm eager to meet as soon as it's safe.

I entered the forest trail and debated about which route to take. I could go the easy path I regularly take to take the scenic route to the subway, or I could challenge my legs to rise higher up the mountain. I chose the harder path. A little bit of climbing took me to the first viewing spot. Here my eyes encountered their biggest hurdle. 

The sun, through fog and clouds, felt sharp and the newly bloomed flowers, while bright, fuzzed into their greenish, brownish, greyish backgrounds. 

Suddenly I realised that apart from food, all I've seen the past week are man made furnishings and computer screens. And that's not good.

I kept going up but little specks of rain started pinging on my arms and face. It was time to head back to safely manage those steeper sections. On the way back down, I became distracted by some issues that have been bugging me lately and my thoughts switched to prayers simply because I asked God to be with me and be the one to lead my thoughts and understanding.

Just one hour. One hour to break out of my online, at home rut. I had rested my eyes with this reset and rested my heart in the only place that gives peace. It was a good day.