Dressing Down (Short Story)

During the summer, in my frenzy of full-time writing, I managed to compose a new story each week to add to my updates. Along with this, I submitted a few that were inspired by Reedsy prompts to a weekly competition. To celebrate the end of the week, here's one about casual Fridays
(This is the chosen story for that week, about someone who starts work at midnight on Fridays)

Dressing Down

It all started when the new manager declared a bonding initiative. "Friday: forget your usual attire, dress how you like. Nothing political, please, but express yourself as you would at home."

That first Friday, Shawn, ever the joker, was clad in evergreen: socks, trousers, jacket, and felt top hat with a fake ginger beard. This receiving a great many chuckles, leading to Frank finding a big bird costume to peck around in the next Friday. A week later, Karen woke up at 4 am just to make sure her hair would stand as tall as it could, with the help of a full can of hairspray, and colour herself with blue hair tint and yellow body paint. Harriett glued on a beard to go with her suit and trilby the following casual day, but this coincided with Gary blow drying his grey locks to match the black suit and silver chain necklace for his frequent dance impressions of our most recent lady prime minister.

A memo arrived on Thursday: Going forward, costumes will not be accepted on Fridays. With no client meetings that day, it was intended for everyone to feel comfortable and get to know each other a little better. Keeping comfort in mind, please come in your favourite outfit tomorrow and enjoy the work day a little more.

Tomorrow is my birthday and that’s the suit I always want to wear.