8 Writing Essentials - Diary Review

The Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

After a month of keeping to a regular schedule of writing, I travelled across the world to visit my family and friends in Northern Ireland and Italy. I still had a lot of writing I hoped to achieve, but I prioritised quality time with my loved ones.

Enjoying the view at Lake Como, Italy

The intensive writing time helped me to be more dedicated in using any moment I could to add to my WIP. Through these two months I have learned what I need to aid and encourage my work. 

Writing Essentials:

Having a long walk by the beach in Portballintrae, NI

1. Daily exercise 
(To feel productive, healthy and gain inspiration or clarity, I walk each morning and quite often in the afternoon, too.)

Room for all wildlife at a villa in Italy

2. Reading 
(Taking time out to read pushes me to write better, whether it’s because I’m hopeful to improve and reach higher levels, or because I know what’s wrong with the not so impressive examples. Reading the Bible is important to help my perspective and keep me curious about the greater world, too.)

A babbling stream in NI - sometimes writing is as slow or fast as this!

3. Dedicated writing hours
(Even if I don’t gather a huge word count, I need to keep my WIP fresh in my mind and just be there to allow more progression.)

The White Rocks from a gate at Dunluce Castle, NI - we could see our next destination in the distance

4. Goals 
(I shouldn’t kick myself too hard if I don’t meet the larger ones on time, but without anything to aim for, I get a little lost.)

Took a slow boat and watched them pass on Lake Como

5. Chill out time 
(If I want to progress, I need to have balance.)

Secret passage at a villa in Italy - I love finding the quiet places

6. Noise cancelling headphones 
(Sometimes the cafe noise is too much or the quiet is suffocating. I can’t block out everything, but I can control to some level and that does wonders!)

The Dark Hedges, NI - could I write here?

7. Notebook/Phone/Computer
(A little obvious, but I’ve carefully researched and purchased items over the last few years that are aimed at making my writing time more efficient and comfortable. For me, portability and adaptability are key.)

Lots of adventurous play with all the family

8. Loved Ones
(Friends and family asked me about my writing and supported my efforts, even if I couldn’t give them too much detail about the project. Just the fact that they asked, or made cups of tea and told me to write while I had a moment, helped me to remember that this process is worthwhile, even if tough.)