Writing Diary: Week 4 + Short Story "Tastes Like Home"

22nd - 28th July 2017 + Short Writing At End

Final week summary:

Writing my on my WIP this week went well, but it was difficult to edit. I did convert my First Novel into an ebook, to give a fresh look and make it more portable, for when I get back into it.

On Friday I woke up to a huge downpour and was tempted to go out for my morning walk, but worried that it might not be a good idea. A little while later, I received an emergency alert that warned of evacuations in low areas due to flood risks. It was a good idea not to risk the rocky climb.

Unfortunately, this means I didn’t get to see my friend in the mountain one last time before my month away. I hope she doesn’t worry about my absence and that I can see her when I get back in September.

It also meant that I just milled around the house, avoiding packing for my upcoming trip. I worked on a short story to submit to a journal, but didn’t complete any more on my WIP or First Novel.

My husband and I went to Gangneung, a seaside town, to visit his parents on Saturday. This was a great way to relax and we had so many dishes I adore; including his mother’s bulgogi!

Desired coffee this week, but was careful again.

Overall writing review:

WIP: 8 chapters/29080 words added
First Novel: 104 pages/ 10.5 chapters edited

My WIP is now at 11.5 chapters, so just about half way to completing the first draft. 
The First Novel is 27 chapters in total, so I got a little over a third of the way, but this was with only 3 weeks work.

While I had hoped to have both these projects finished, I am pleased with what I do have. It has been better for me to take time with certain sections so that fresh ideas come to mind and the characters develop more. 

Plan Going Forward:

My bags are packed, I’m checked in and am typing this beside my departure gate. For the next three weeks I will visit my family in Northern Ireland. After that, I head to Italy for a holiday with my best friends for a few days. Then, it’s back to Seoul to prepare for the next semester of teaching.

Since the WIP is reaching a rather exciting point and I’m finally half way through it, I plan to keep writing each day, even with family catch ups. I won’t be able to dedicate as much time to focused writing each day, but being dedicated to it in this time will help to progress the story and make the habit stick for when I’m back at work.

With my kindle beside me, I will be able to read my First Novel anywhere. I do need to read for fun/study as well, but it would be great to get this novel ready to send out to agents soon.

My updates usually end with a short story. I’m not sure what you’d call this, but it came to me after a conversation with friends today. Nothing much special to it and it’s very rough, but it’s a little fun to end the four weeks of hard work. Thank you for following my journey and look out for updates as I hopefully write much further in the near future.

Tastes Like Home

Brad bit into the ranch drenched sub sandwich. 
Anurak sprinkled crushed peanuts and lime juice onto his noodles.
Sinead gulped down the potato and beef broth.
YoungMi slurped up the spicy, fermented noodle soup.
Brett tore at the char-grilled surf ‘n’ turf.
Van added a handful more cilantro onto her spiced beef stock.

The closest thing I can get is the 
‘milk’ flavour ice cream at that one supermarket
 - almost just like a Mr Frostie - 
and the imported Italian ‘oriental’ sparkling drink at the airport
 - sort of like Schleur.

Now I smile when eating my mother-in-law’s homemade dishes 
and beg on facetime for more recipes from my childhood memories.

Home is where your taste buds find comfort.