Tickets - Novella - Chapter 7a

    Perfect Sunday morning.  Girlfriend and baby at mass, nothing to do at home and no visitors expected.  Time to lounge about the house wearing nothing but underwear; just in case there's a knock at the door or a curious passer-by.  Playing the Xbox, surfing the net, reading books, yes the boredom came to that.  It's just nice to be inside with no worries while the wind and rain blow people about outside.
    But then, those moments can't last forever.  Not a knock, but the sound of the lock and blow of the intruding wind, as it urges the restless baby and her all too chatty mother back into their home.  "Oh my god, I thought I'd never get this pram back to the house.  That wind is crazy.  I can't wait for spring.  What are you wearing?  You should be dressed in case someone comes to the door?"  Who exactly?  Everyone else is asleep on a Sunday morning.  Or, well, maybe at church.  "Don't just stand there; help me get this pram inside."  Now, with the wind getting in, there is a reason for clothes.  But also a reason to get this done quickly and get the door shut as soon as possible.
    "Did you start lunch?"  Oh.  The same question each week, but still unanticipated and receiving the same reply.  "Get dressed and help me with it then."  No time with the little one, just straight to work.  But, then she is asleep, so it's best not to pick her up quite yet.  "Oh, you'll never guess who I just ran into walking through the park."
    "You went through the park in this weather?"
    "It's not raining now."  But it was.  And there are the muddy wheels to prove it.  Just told to clean it yesterday and that order will be repeated today.  "Anyway, you'll never guess who I saw in the park."  Well, do you expect a guess or not?  If it's impossible, what are you waiting for?  "Tanya."  And now you expect a response.  But what reaction do you want?  Delight?  Dread?  Surprise?  Nonchalance?  "Well?  Are you surprised?"
    Puzzled.  Concerned.  Baffled at how entertained Angie seems to feel about the situation.  "Ah, yeah."  But not all that surprised.  It was becoming clear that Tanya was closer than previously thought, with the tickets, the prospectus, the card, and Henry's sighting.  Angie knew nothing of all that, though, so surprise is right.
    "Don't you want to know what she said?"  No!  Not at all.
    "You talked to her?"  What could she have said?  Why would Tanya talk to Angie?  OK, they did know each other before, but not that well.  It was only through friends, meeting and casually chatting at parties.
    "Well, I wasn't sure what to do at first.  I didn't want to rub it all in, but she said hello and I couldn't ignore her, then.  She met Alice.  And guessed she was yours.  She actually seemed really cool about everything.  Really together.  And she said she was happy for us."  Happy for us?  How could she be happy for us?  Oh god, it's cold out in the hallway.  But no way to grab any clothes.  Just going to keep shivering.  Half naked and talking about past relationships.  And shivering.
    "It was nice to talk to her, actually.  It gave a bit of closure on the whole issue."  Closure?  What is closure?  Why are people so obsessed with having 'closure'?  We were fine before, we didn't need any closure.  Angie seemed content enough before, she was happy with everything.  Happy to ignore it, just like everyone else.  Happy to not mention that name for fear of: who knows what.  Why was everyone so scared to say that name?  Why is it still hard? 
    People don't get closure.  They just move on.  What if Angie had never seen Tanya again?  Would she suffer without that 'closure'?  And what if it had been different when they met?  If Tanya hadn't seemed so fine about everything, would Angie have her precious 'closure' then?  No.  People don't need closure.
    "You know I've always felt a little guilty about how it happened and knew it must have hurt her.  But I guess even Tanya knows you can't stand in the way of love, however it happens."  Love, yeah.  How does it happen?  Is it just a connection people have, that they can't explain and somehow never goes away?  Or is it something you get through time with that person?  Just spend enough time with someone and you'll love them.
    "So it's good I bumped into her.  I'm glad.  Oh, and you'll never guess what."  Didn't the last time; this time will be no different.  "I found out that she lives down the road.  Only about ten or so houses down.  How crazy is that?"  She lives on this street?  Tanya is on the same street?  "She's been right down the road for over a year now.  Can you believe it?"  This time surprise is the reaction.  Shock.  That’s the word.  Over a year?  What has she been doing all this time?  Why pick this street, knowing all that history?  "She was surprised to hear we're in the same house you rented back when you knew her.  I can't believe none of us have run into her before.  It's funny isn't it?"  Funny, yes; if you mean suspicious, odd, bizarre.  How can a person torture herself so cruelly?  To live on the same street she spent so much time on and has so many tainted memories from.  Unless she is over it.  Like Henry said.  Maybe she did just forgive it and she isn't hurt by it, has even forgotten it.  "If it was me I wouldn't even come back.  Not to this part of town, anyway.  I know I wouldn't live on the same street as my ex.  Even if I thought he didn't live there anymore.  But that's me."  Tanya's different.  She always has been.  "So what'll we have for lunch?  Bacon sandwiches?  At least that's easy and quick."