A Gift from Me this New Year.

It's been a year since I officially passed my masters and the story ideas have multiplied, but the actual written content has been lacking, and projects completed non existent.  This year I am going to change that and I'm asking you to join me.

Starting on the 28th of January I will add a chapter each week on this blog for ten weeks to complete a novella. (As each chapter will be about 2,000 words I may split them up into different posts on the same day or different days in that week.)  I will not just be releasing a new chapter for you to read, I'll actually be writing at the same time so this will a rough first draft, and thus there may well be major mistakes along the way.  I apologise for this in advance, but I welcome any comments on these mistakes or what you think of the story along the way.  I am interested to hear what you think about anything to do with this project, so don't be shy; I can take the criticism.  I may not make the changes you wish, but this may be for my own plot related reasons (when it's not my own stubbornness).

Why the 28th January? Well, this gives me a couple of weeks to get started so that I can work out a few plot issues and then hopefully what you read will not be totally incomprehensible.  This date also links in with the story I will be writing, but you'll discover that on the 4th week approximately.

Why this story?  To get myself into action, I need something I can accomplish, so sharing a novella, rather than a film script or novel will give motivation to stick to a reasonable time frame.  There are some newer story ideas I am excited about and share things that I want to say, but this story has been nagging at me for a while now, and while I do not know at this point exactly what this one is going to be or is trying to tell the world, I have a good enough plot to play with and, as I mentioned, the timing of the project and story match rather well.  For this story to ever be told, it feels like it's now or never.  I'd hate for it to be never.

Right, now back to writing.  I have a lot of work to do.